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Povidone Iodine (Betadine) 5% Antiseptic Liquid Solutions

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Packaging Size100ML,500ML,1000ML & 2000ML
Packaging TypeHDPE BOTTLES
Grade StandardMEDICATED
Ph Value5-5% TO 7%
Country of OriginMade in India

PUREBLE Povidone iodine is a widely used antiseptic and scrub that is commonly used in medical and healthcare settings for skin preparation and disinfection purposes. It contains iodine, which is known for its broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties. PUREBLE Povidone iodine is composed of povidone, a water-soluble polymer, and iodine, a chemical element known for its antimicrobial properties. The concentration of iodine in the solution may vary, commonly ranging from 5%, 7.5% & 10%.

PUREBLE Povidone iodine is used both as an antiseptic and a scrub. As an antiseptic, it is applied to the skin to disinfect and reduce the microbial load. As a scrub, it is used for preoperative skin preparation or for scrubbing hands and arms before surgical procedures.

PUREBLE Povidone iodine exhibits a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity against various microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. It is effective against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Iodine, the active component in povidone iodine PUREBLE Povidone iodine, penetrates microbial cell walls and interferes with protein synthesis, enzyme systems, and nucleic acid structure, leading to the inactivation and destruction of microorganisms.

PUREBLE Povidone iodine is commonly used for preoperative skin preparation to reduce the risk of surgical site infections. It is applied to the skin surrounding the surgical site and allowed to dry before the procedure.

Healthcare professionals use povidone iodine for surgical hand and arm scrubbing. It is applied to wet skin and scrubbed thoroughly for a specified duration to ensure effective antimicrobial action.

PUREBLE Povidone iodine solution typically has a brownish color due to the iodine content. It is available as a liquid solution or as foam for convenience during application.

PUREBLE Povidone iodine is generally safe for use on intact skin, but caution should be exercised when using it on sensitive areas or mucous membranes. It may cause skin irritation or allergic reactions in some individuals. It is not recommended for use in patients with iodine allergies or thyroid disorders.


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