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Our range of products include pureble chlorhexidine cetrimide (savlon) skin antiseptic solution.

PUREBLE Chlorhexidine Cetrimide (Savlon) Skin Antiseptic Solution

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Packaging Size1000ML
Fragrancenormal fine fragrance
Packaging TypeSimple Cap Bottle
Country of OriginMade in India

Minimum order quantity: 300 Piece

PUREBLE Chlorhexidine Cetrimide (savlon) skin antiseptic solution is a solution used for disinfecting and cleansing the skin to reduce the risk of infection.

PUREBLE Chlorhexidine Cetrimide (savlon) skin antiseptic solution contains chlorhexidine gluconate and cetrimide as the primary active ingredients. The concentration of these ingredients may vary depending on the specific formulation.

Chlorhexidine gluconate and cetrimide both have broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties, making the antiseptic effective against a wide range of bacteria, fungi, and some viruses. They act by disrupting the cell membranes of microorganisms, leading to their destruction or inhibition.

PUREBLE Chlorhexidine Cetrimide (savlon) skin antiseptic solution is used to disinfect the skin before medical procedures, surgeries, or injections. It helps reduce the number of microorganisms present on the skin surface, minimizing the risk of introducing pathogens into the body. In addition to its disinfecting properties, the solution also serves as a cleanser. It can be used to remove dirt, debris, and oils from the skin, creating a clean surface for further procedures.

PUREBLE Chlorhexidine Cetrimide (savlon) skin antiseptic solution work synergistically to disrupt the integrity of microbial cell membranes, causing leakage of intracellular components and ultimately leading to the death of microorganisms.

PUREBLE Chlorhexidine Cetrimide (savlon) skin antiseptic solution provides a residual effect, meaning it continues to have antimicrobial activity on the skin for a certain period after application. This prolonged action helps maintain a reduced microbial load on the skin surface.

PUREBLE Chlorhexidine Cetrimide (savlon) skin antiseptic solution is available in various formulations, including liquid solutions, wipes, and foams. The choice of formulation depends on the specific application and convenience for the user.

PUREBLE Chlorhexidine Cetrimide (savlon) skin antiseptic solution typically has a defined shelf life, and it is important to check the expiration date before use. Proper storage conditions, such as keeping the container tightly closed and protecting it from excessive heat or direct sunlight help maintain the solution's effectiveness.

PUREBLE Chlorhexidine Cetrimide (savlon) skin antiseptic solution is a trusted and widely used product in medical and healthcare settings. It provides effective disinfection and cleansing of the skin, helping to reduce the risk of infections associated with invasive procedures. Adhering to recommended usage guidelines and precautions ensures optimal outcomes and patient safety.


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